The Kebab Factory

The Kebab Factory (150 to 350 PHP / 3.5 to 8.5 USD)

Location: Ground Floor, SM Jazz Residences, Makati City, Philippines


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Biryani menu

Kebab Platters

Kebab Platters


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For starters, we got Cheese Naan (95 PHP), a photo of which I forgot to take. It wasn’t anything special, just melted cheese within the Naan bread. (Rating: 7/10)

We ordered The KP1 Kebab Trio (350 PHP) that comprised of beef, chicken, and lamb lined up on top of yellow rice; while Papadum (anglicized as Popper), parsley, a half of a tomato, and a slice of onion made up the sidings.

Kebab F5

Kebab Trio (Rating 8.5/10)

Each meat was amply tender and juicy with a light marinade that brought out the smokey aromatic taste within a slightly crunchy exterior. The sour cream sauce typically complemented the meat well. My only minor concern was that the beef had a few gummy bits.

I also took interest in the Papadum as they are very thin crispy fried crackers that wasn’t oily and had enough saltiness to satisfy my sodium craving.

As for the butter rice, it seemed like they may have applied coloring on plain-tasting rice.

Portion-wise, this dish may be shared by two petite individuals.

Kebab F8

Sour cream and chili sauces provided per table

We then tried the Hyderabad Chikcen Biryani (265 PHP) because I missed the fragrant Basmati rice that usually came with it. When the plate arrived, we noticed that the portion of the chicken was small compared to the rice. The sauce over the chicken was mildly salty yet tasty and went well with the rice. The long grain was just ordinary and yellow, not the fragrant colorful Basmati I had hoped. Finally, the Raita (yoghurt base) tasted like sour cream with a certain type of vege, coriander, herbs and spices.

Kebab F6

Hyderabad Chicken Biryani (Rating: 7/10)

Lastly, we added the Lamb Kebab combo (195 PHP) as I wanted to get more of that meat (also forgot to snap a photo of this). Evidently, I enjoyed lamb the most, saving it as my final bite and even relishing its aftertaste minutes later.


For a restaurant that has the look and the layout of a perky-toned fast-food joint, The Kebab Factory is a casual dining place with an extensive selection of dishes that apparently aren’t for quick service. The branch also has two big screens on both ends of the wide menu board to showcase a lot of palatable entrees that are likely to entice your appetite.

Perky-toned fastfood feel

Perky-toned fastfood feel

Customer service was generally good as staff were friendly and considerably attentive.


My buying two more Ensogo deals for this place right after dining should give you an idea. Discounts aside, the kebabs are worth another trip!

Overall Rating: 8/10 

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