About Us

About Us

Your visiting this page is a sign that our blog has piqued your curiosity or interest, so for that we thank you.


Angel (is currently a Corporate agent, a Poker player, and an investor; enjoys mentally-stimulating conversations; is actually much older than her Primary school kid looks; considers herself a global citizen; tries to live out her passions)

I had always enjoyed writing since I was young but was never confident enough to have my work made public (was also lazy to take formal training) as I felt they were just my own.

This blog would be my first attempt to regularly put out there my thoughts and opinions on certain subjects I’d present, be it about elements of lifestyle, specific interests, or even random reflections.

May you find delight, amusement, or value in my features as I am excited to share them! Have the liberty to post your own views (hopefully amiable!) as well in the comments.


Kerstie (is currently an entrepreneur and a photography enthusiast)

I just moved from Manila to Canada.  Although I miss the tropical weather, the beaches, and my friends and family, I’m excitedly exploring what this country has to offer.

This blog is for sharing those discoveries.

Hope you’ll enjoy your time  here  and be able to pick up something useful along the way!  Drop by again soon and join us on our adventures!


12 Hours Apart

Having reconnected some time after college, Kerstie (“Kekoy”) and Angel grew very close in the recent years and that lead to big roles in each other’s lives.

Cruise from Singapore to Malacca, Malaysia (2010)

Cruise from Singapore to Malacca, Malaysia (2010)

However as Kekoy fell in love with a Canadian guy, she had to relocate to where he lives, to the opposite corner of the globe from where she and Angel resided. Communication was not easy as they were both busy with their own lives and only had a few hours overlap, being 12 hours apart.

To stay connected, they decided to take on this blog together regarding it as a fun way to manifest their shared passions and for their mutual growth and encouragement.

Vegas 2012

Vegas 2012


Mike (is currently an investor and a Poker player; was recently bitten by wanderlust and the photography bug)

Joining our blog is Michael or “Mike” who’s been a long-time close friend of ours and has been such a positive influence in our lives. He travels back and forth Manila and North America (Canada & USA) for his profession and to visit his family and friends.

Mike shares the same general interests and views as us (sans the girly stuff) and is excited to impart his appreciation of the world through his profound writings and stunning photos.

On his birthday this year.

On his birthday this year.


We hope you are adequately entertained! 🙂


We also invite you visit our Instagram pages:

Angel: http://instagram.com/angel.kho

Kerstie: http://instagram.com/kerstieladd

Mike: http://instagram.com/mindfuladventure


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