Flower Displays at the End of a Show

La Reve flower displays

Flowers that came down at the end of the La Reve show in Wynn hotel theatre, Las Vegas.

A must-do in Vegas is to catch a show. I did when I watched my first water-based acrobatic stage show called La Reve (“The Dream” in French) and it was phenomenal from the choreography to the stunts to the props and displays. This photo (of flowers that came down at the end) is a sample of the stunning and colorful decors that were used.

The production was created by Franco Dragone, who famously directed most of the Cirque du Soleil shows, and is set in Las Vegas’ only theater-in-the-round (at Wynn hotel). Cushioned seats surround the circular stage and are no more than 12 rows deep so the audience can closely witness the spectacular action. In fact, we were so close (for half the price we sat on the first row which was the splash zone) that we got splashed on several times (over the towels we were provided with).

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t mind getting wet again if I catch La Reve a second time as it is re-choreographed every 6 months for a fresher audience experience.

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