Camouflaged Tree Stilt-Walker

Camouflaged Tree Stilt-Walker

We sensed something tall moving behind us as we strolled around Disney World’s Animal Kingdom park a while back. We turned around to find this camouflaged tree stilt-walker lady who stopped to pose for us as her intricately designed foliage costume blended with the surrounding flora. We were all amused and thought she was a majestic representation of nature in human form. Her dignified look also exuded a reminder to connect with and to revere the natural world.

Device: DigiCam

About Angel

I'm currently a Corporate agent, a Poker player, and an investor. I have quite a wide spectrum of interests and have been bold in pursuing them in order to fulfill a dream, to feed a curiosity, or to live out a passion. I am usually found to be constantly exploring with my mind or with my feet. Given this medium (your glimpse of my world), I am enthused to express in words and in images a bit of my learning and my discoveries and to hone some raw skills which I hope will display progress as I go along.

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