Toronto Street Style: We Got Your Back

backless dress

I just love how the color of her hair matches her tie-dyed dress.

slashed top

The slashed red top complemented her edgy black ensemble.

backless striped dress

Love the low back of this classic striped maxi dress.

What do you think of these looks? Share your thoughts below!

About kerstie ladd

Portrait and product photographer. Travel blogger. From Toronto.

3 thoughts on “Toronto Street Style: We Got Your Back

  1. I love that people there are trendy even for their casual activities and they have varied styles.

    The dress in first photo is pretty daring for street wear but as it’s summer there and she seems to carry it well, good on her!

    My favorite look is in the 3rd photo. I like the style of the maxi dress especially given that it’s black & white. 🙂


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